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Supplying the Materials You Need When You Need Them!

Aerospace Aviation

Our durability is exceptional! Ask about our water based products that meet not only stringent aerospace requirements but meet the demands of the most extreme environment- space.


Our products provide outstanding resistance to chemicals, jet fuels, oils, hydraulic oil, both high and cryogenic temperature. We meet NASA outgassing requirements.

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60 years of working closely with our military and we pride ourselves in offering environment friendly solutions that meet the all of the stringent requirements of our toughest Military specifications. We help keep our environment healthy & our defense strong.

Call us for innovative products!

Call us for hard to find items!

Call us for old or superseded specs!

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Electronics Assembly

Our materials have outstanding resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, solvents, and provide heat dissipation. Ask for samples of our glob top, die attach, underfills, potting, heat sinks. Need to have a specific viscosity or cure time? No worries - we can easily vary the viscosity, conductivity, and cure times. Call us to discuss your application.

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Motor Transformation Assembly

Innovative adhesives, potting compounds, coatings and sealants for motors, transformers and assemblies. High temperature resistant with excellent torque and electrical values.  Durable chemical resistant exterior engine coatings. Ask us about our high temperature waterbased stack lamination adhesive! 

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You'll Be in Good Company


Defense, Industrial

Automotive, Marine 

Focus on: Motors, 

Batteries, Electronics 


UV/LED Cureable, High Temperature Resistant (2500F), NASA/ESA, Low Outgassing, Cryogenic, CARC Chemical Resistant, Low VOC


Airforce, Navy, Marine, Army, DOD, IDF, Raytheon, Lockheed, Boeing, GE, Airbus, Cessna, RR, Raytheon

Contact Information

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
+91 9998085244
Berkeley, California, USA
+1 650-318-1717
Mount Vernon, NY, USA
+1 631-537-8390
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