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Adhesives, Sealants & Equipment

Adelphi products offer exceptional durability and adhesion to a wide range of substrates - including Teflon!


  • High temperature resistance to 3200F/Cryogenic

  • Resistance to:

    • Submersion in Harsh Solvents, Hydraulic Fluids, Jet Fuel Oils, Oils, Outdoor Weather Conditions, Thermal Cycling, Salt Spray, Corrosion, Humidity, Fungus, Abrasion, Creep and Fatigue. 

  • Meets NASA outgassing requirements, flame, smoke and toxic emission standards.

  • Excellent dielectric strength -- even as a thin film.

  • Potting and adhesives with outstanding heat dissipation and insulation values and torque.

  • Easy to use with wide range of viscosity and cure time.



  • Aircraft, Aerospace and Space Missions. 

  • Ground Equipment, Repair.

  • Military and Defense.

  • Helicopter Manufacturing and Repair. 

  • Drone Manufacturing and Repair.

  • Navigation Systems.

  • Control Panels. 

  • Commercial Aircraft, Firewall Assembly, Shaker Control Assembly, Shims and more.


  • Table Top Roller Coating Machine

  • Roller sizes available from 10" to 62"

  • Substrate Thickness ranges from .003" to 4"

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UV Curable Adhesive

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