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Adelphi AS-892 is designed for aerospace applications, it provides resistance to corrosion. An easy to use coating that  creates high build sandable surfaces and results into excellent inter-coat adhesion 


Adelphi A-7793 is having superior adhesion and can easily forms protective coatings, with 600ºF service. This low viscosity, liquid adhesive forms ultra thin bond lines and is ideal for impregnating, coating, and encapsulating. It has the chemical, electrical, and radiation resistance that is often required in the most critical applications.


Adelphi A-973 is a high performance modified acrylic structural adhesive for bonding a wide variety of metallic and nonmetallic materials to themselves or to each other. It develops outstanding shear and peel properties exceeding the inherent strengths of many engineering thermoplastics.  



Adelphi H-5061 is water-based low VOC paint for PVC Tarpaulins. Adelphi H-5061 is a one-part flexible urethane paint with outstanding adhesion to PVC and other plastics. It is easy to use, spray viscosity and fast drying. It develops water and ice crinkle resistance rapidly after spraying. A clear base offers exceptional transparency and gloss. Offers excellent flexibility and outdoor weather ability.


Adelphi A802 is a two part flexible room temperature curable sealant with excellent resistance to aircraft fuels, lubricants, oils, water and weathering. It adheres to aluminum, titanium, magnesium, steel, and other substrates. It is used to seal integral fuel tanks, pressurized cabins and anywhere requiring resistance to aircraft fuels, lubricants, oils, water and/or weathering. A-802 is designed to withstand sulfuric compounds present in jet fuels.