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MAGNATAC Products 

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  • Magna-Tac A39: 

  • Magna-Tac A31: 

  • Magna-Tac M-24: 

  • Magna-Tac BU120D:

  • Magna-Tac 628: Used for carbon fiber or fiber glass prepreg laminations.

  • Magna-Tac BM16: Used in Control Shaker Assembly PN C-07202-2 (MFG Safe Flight Instrument)

  • Magna-Tac 611 with CH16: Used for  bonding of treated Teflon to anodized aluminum propeller blade shanks.

  • Magna-Tac 611 with CH1: Used for antenna bases

  • Magna-Tac 640: Used for plastic and fiber glass bonding. Applications include ABS, polycarbonate, PVC.

  • Magna-Tac 650: Used for hard to bond, low surface energy, such as highly plasticized. Ideal for vinyl flooring or resilient flooring

  • Magna-Tac M774: Low cost, Equal mix, Construction epoxy

  • Magna-Cryl 2464: Used as a permanent coating providing painted and bare metal aircraft parts with a protective coating against exposure to jet fuels and other aircraft fluids. Specs: Boeing’s BMS 1060-A specification to protect aircraft parts from exposure to standard aircraft fluids.

  • Magna-Tac E645: Used in construction of motors and transformers. Motors that use this have been spec’d - Specification(s): US Air Force DWG #X8019406 Rev E

  • Magna-Tac 773 - Used as an Encapsulating Potting Compound

  • TR-580 - Used for transformer cores

  • 8899 -Used to adhere metals and alloys in transformer cores, as well as electric motor rotors and stators.

  • F-310 - Used for motor laminates, transform cores.

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