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Structural Adhesives

​Adelphi Products have been extensively used to manufacture and repair commercial and military aircraft helicopters, drones, navigation systems, control panels,firewall assemblies, shaker control assemblies, shims, and more.


Our products offer improved performance, durability, weight savings, fuel efficiency.  The performance properties are approved for used  on US rotocraft, satellites, missiles and UAV’s.


Many of our products are certified to NASA outgassing, flame, smoke and toxic emission standards. We offer VOC compliant adhesives and coatings with outstanding performance properties: they resist extreme temperatures, corrosion, abrasion, noise, vibration, creep, fatigue, humidity/chemicals and are thermally stable and fungus resistance.  Our products are used on:


Aircraft, Aerospace and Space Missions.

Military and Defence Production.

Helicopter Manufacturing and Repair. 

Drone Manufacturing and Repair,

Navigation Systems.

Control panels 

Commercial Aircrafts, Firewall Assembly, Shaker Control Assembly, Shims, and more.

Popular Products Include:​

Magna-Tac A39: Used on Fuel management systems. Meets Specifications:  MMM-A-134 Type 1.

Magna-Tac A31: Used as a terminal sealer where the thixotropy of the adhesive is essential to successful spot bonding of the wires to the terminal.

Magna-Tac M-24: Used on firewalls in helicopters. Specifications: Bell Spec 299-947-107 Type III Class 6, Agusta 199-05-107 type 3 Class 6

Magna-Tac BU120D: Used in various military applications

Magna-Tac 628: Used for carbon fiber or fiber glass prepreg laminations.

Magna-Tac BM16: Used in Control Shaker Assembly PN C-07202-2 (MFG Safe Flight Instrument)

Magna-Tac 611 with CH16: Used for  bonding of treated Teflon to anodized aluminum propeller blade shanks.

Magna-Tac 611 with CH1: Used for antenna bases

Magna-Tac 640: Used for plastic and fiber glass bonding. Applications include ABS, polycarbonate, PVC.

Magna-Tac 650: Used for hard to bond, low surface energy, such as highly plasticized. Ideal for vinyl flooring or resilient flooring

Magna-Tac M774: Low cost, Equal mix, Construction epoxy

Magna-Cryl 2464: Used as a permanent coating providing painted and bare metal aircraft parts with a protective coating against exposure to jet fuels and other aircraft fluids. Specs: Boeing’s BMS 1060-A specification to protect aircraft parts from exposure to standard aircraft fluids.

Magna-Tac E645: Used in construction of motors and transformers. Motors that use this have been spec’d - Specification(s): US Air Force DWG #X8019406 Rev E

Magna-Tac 773 - Used as an Encapsulating Potting Compound

TR-580 - Used for transformer cores

8899 -Used to adhere metals and alloys in transformer cores, as well as electric motor rotors and stators.

F-310 - Used for motor laminates, transform cores.


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Popular Products 

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